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It seems to be a lot of “what would you do,” type of situations going on now a days and I’m okay with that!

Daniele Watts from 2012 movie Django Unchained was making out with her boyfriend outside of the CBS studios when the cops were called by witnesses who claim Daniele and her boyfriend were having sex in the car for the world to see.

When the cop showed up to check out the scene he asked her boyfriend for their I.D.s and Daniele Watts did not feel she needed to give hers up. “Watts instantly plays the race card when Sgt. Jim Parker asked for her ID. She quickly moves from the race card to the fame card — then storms off, refusing to show her ID.”

Hear the audio and see what Daniele Watts had to say to CNN about the incident below: Read more…


So Iggy has a sex tape too? Go figure!

Rapper Iggy Azalea is now one of the many celebrities who made a sex tape years back and now has to deal with an angry ex threatening to leak it for money and fame. However according to TMZ if Vivid (the same company who did Mimi’s sex tape) decides to market Iggy’s alleged sex tape she will sue:

The “sex partner” — rapper Hefe Wine — told TMZ Live Friday there is indeed a tape and she knew about it and consented.  And he says she was NOT a minor … he says he met her when she was 18. Now Iggy’s lawyers have fired off a letter to Vivid — obtained By TMZ — in which they say the name “Iggy” is gold … protected by U.S. Trademark. Vivid is unimpressed, restating it’s desire to market the tape.

BTW … sources close to Iggy say she feels betrayed by her ex-BF……

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Green Bay Packers v Minnesota Vikings

By now, you know all about Adrian Peterson and him being indicted from the Minnesota Vikings after allegedly abusing his child:

Minnesota Vikings superstar Adrian Peterson has been indicted for child abuse in North Montgomery County, TXTMZ Sports has learned.
Sources connected to Peterson tell us … the alleged victim is a male child from Minnesota who was visiting Adrian back in May at AP‘s home in Texas.
We’re told the child returned home to his mother in Minn. who noticed injuries and took the child to a doctor. A short time later, the doctor contacted authorities in Texas to report Adrian. TMZ

Most African American‘s who grew up with a “Southern” background was hit with a “switch” (a small tree branch that still hurts) when they did something wrong. Normally there was some form of warning before hand, however this was your punishment for not listening. There’s once catch to making this work, both parents have to be okay with this type of punishment. Not all parents believe in hitting their children, especially to a point of leaving marks on the skin.
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WELP! Her lawyer warned her!

If you remember a few episodes back during this season of Real Housewives Of Atlanta, Porsha Williams met up with her lawyer after her deposition with Kordell Stewart and he smooth told her the judge is not going to award her any money if she comes in the courtroom looking like she has it all together. Not to mention, she has this reality show, so as far as the judge sees it, she doesn’t need the money, which might be why she tried to play the broke roll on the show but may have messed up when she got that house and bought those $3,000 shoes.

According to a few legal documents TMZ has gotten their hands on:

Porsha gets NO alimony, NO house, NO NFL retirement money, NO cash-out, NO health insurance.  She even has to pay her own credit card balances. Read more…


The man responsible for Nicki Minaj’s most memorable wigs is now suing her for a minimum of 30 million dollars. According to TMZ, Terrence Davidson claims Nicki Minaj talked him out of a reality show and even marketed the wigs as her own:

Terrence Davidson claims in his lawsuit … he’s a big reason for Nicki’s success. He rewinds to 2010, when he created what he calls a panoply of “fresh, hip and unique wigs” … including the pink upper bun wig, the fox fur wig, the pink high top wig, the superbass wig and the half blond-half pink wig.

Davidson says Nicki not only stole his designs and marketed them herself, she even talked him out of a multi-million dollar reality show deal because she claimed it would ruin their partnership. – TMZ

$30 mil for some wigs! Goodness!! Welp I guess we shall see if Nicki Minaj says anything about this. But remember, a few months back word on the blogs was Nicki Minaj fired her whole glam squad and created a new one so she can her the more “sophisticated” look she has today.

Stay tuned for more on this story.


I feel there has to be cameras I that waiting room somewhere because according to TMZ the kid has no bruises, now this doesn’t make it okay but it does make me wonder what really happened in that waiting room.

TMZ is reporting that according to their sources the 18-year-old Kanye West went HAM on is now simply asking for a settlement rather than going with a public trial. See details below!!!

Sources connected with the 18-year-old tell us … his lawyer called Kanye’s people and expressed the desire to strike a civil settlement — FOR A PRICE — several hundred thousand dollars.

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