Who’s hot, who not
Tell me who rock, who sell out in stores
You tell me who flop, who copped the new drop
Whose jewels got rocks,
Who else making rap albums doing numbers like its pop
Same old pimp,
Drake you know ain’t nothing’s changed with these funny style nig**s

Now you all know I’ve been complaining about how sack music videos are now a days and how they used to be like movies. WELP I got my movie! Drake dropped his music video for Worst Behavior earlier today and in the video he features his father and where his father grew up:

The 10-minute vid, which Drake dropped on his OVOSound site on Monday (November 11) takes fans on an unexpected trip to his father’s hometown and old childhood haunts in Memphis, Tennessee. The clip opens with a performance from his old man Dennis Graham, a musician who has worked with Jerry Lee Lewis. Read more…


During this years VMAs right before Macklemore and Ryan Lewis went on stage A$AP Rocky and Jason Collins introduced the duo with a speech about homosexuality. During the introduction, A$AP caused a little controversy due to him looking at Jason Collins a little sideways talking about being homosexual.

According to A$AP Rocky, once he got home he was shocked to see the look on his face because he didn’t mean it that way, apparently A$AP Rocky was just shocked that MTV had him of all people standing there.

Check out what A$Ap Rocky said to The Smash about the situation: Read more…


YYEEESSSS!!! Now that I have my new Macbook Pro I can post TV shows along with many other things again, in other words I’ll surly be blogging more often. With that being said, I have something for my Catfish watchers!

tonight’s episode of Catfish featured Alicia, and Aaliyah. Aaliyah, [poor baby] is about 18-years-old and is in love with Alicia who happens to have catfished Aaliyah into thinking she loves her back along with getting Aaliyah to send her money, and an iPhone [plus paid the bill] even though she’s homeless. I don’t understand how you’re sleeping on someone’s couch and yet you have the money to send this chick you’ve never met PLUS buy her a phone and pay the phone bill. POOR BABY POOR BABY!

Check out the episode below and post your thoughts! Read more…

Last night Rihanna tweeted a photo of her new blond hair style while letting her fans know she snagged to cover of Elle Magazine. I’m not sure how long this hair color will last for Rihanna but I will say it looks good on her. To be honest this woman could have lime green hair and I’m pretty sure it would look just fine.

What do you think of Rihanna’s hair color change?


You have to love Willow for always being different. Recently Willow Smith posted a photo of her shaved head to her WhoSay page. For some reason I’m not shocked. Like I said, Willow is always doing something different so this is actually normal for Willow.

What do you all think of her new haircut?

Spotted @ MTV

MTV recently caught up with Mac Miller, Jill Scott, Jessie J, 50 Cent, Common, Roscoe Dash and so many more to find out what their New Years Resolutions will be for 2012.

I have to be honest. When I watched the video, everyone’s New Years Resolutions pretty much meshed together until I heard Jessie J say she wants to gain more weight AND is going to shave off her hair for charity. Which resolution stuck out to you most?

[via MTV]

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