This seems like it’s going to be a Kanye Media week, which to be honest is okay with me.

While most of us are enjoying Beyonce’s new self titled album which has sold close to 1.5 million copies already, Kanye West is allegedly feeling a little salty because he came up with the idea first and Beyonce stole or was as she was say was “inspired” by it. Check out what a RadarOnline source had to say:

“Kanye is feeling really defeated over Beyonce’s album doing so well. He wanted to do a visual album for his ‘Dark Twisted Fantasies’ album, but everyone around him convinced him it wouldn’t work. That’s why he ended up doing one long movie to go with it [the 35-minute short film, 'Runaway']. Read more…


Yesterday ( or the day before) Young Jeezy was arrested for –battery, false imprisonment, and making terroristic threats against his own son — in Atlanta. Turns out a normal man to man argument got pretty physical see details below:

Jeezy got into a fight with his son in a bathroom and he threw his son into the glass shower door, causing the son to hit his head. Then Jeezy allegedly punched him in the face, dragged him into the bedroom, threw him on the bed and pummeled him.”

Allegedly during the altercation Jeezy’s son Jadarius tried to get away but Young Jeezy’s security stood in the way. Read more…


I’m so backed up in my emails and I honestly don’t even know where to start so I’m just going to go for it! With that being said over the next few days I’ll be posting a good amount of QUALITY as some would call it “underground” music along with everything else I normally post. However when it comes to “underground” music I figure as long as the song moves you, it really shouldn’t matter who the artist is, it’s the talent behind the music that I care about.

Any who’s, first up is Jarell Perry! I’ve loved his soulful R&B voice since the first music submission I received. This Besa Radio pick is entitled “Tokyo” which is a cover of Lupe Fiasco’s 2007 hit single “Tokyo.” Get lost in the sexy singing voice of Jarell Perry below!

(Los Angeles) Indie R&B singer Jarell Perry knows how to make music move — both heart strings and across genres — and now he’s taking his patented style to “Paris, Tokyo.” Today, Perry releases his cover of Lupe Fiasco’s 2007 hit single of the same name. The world touring jaunt is smoothed out to silky perfection, providing a soulful sonic soundscape for Perry’s breathtaking vocals. It’s available for free download and stream.

“Paris, Tokyo” is a present for the fans eagerly awaiting the video premiere of Perry’s “Don’t Run From Me” off his highly anticipated White EP (January 2014.) His collaboration with Locksmith — who 2DopeBoyz called “the Bay Area’s best kept secret” — burned up the Internet earlier in November. Its combination of Locksmith’s double­time verbal acrobatics alongside of Perry’s sultry and soaring voice is undeniable. The video will surely make waves on December 4, 2013.

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Seeing that Chuck ruffled more than a few feathers when he blasted Kandi and Phaedra for being women that he never dated but simply used for sexual favors. It’s no shock that I log onto FunkyDineva.com to see according to someone in the RHOA production team, Kandi and Phaedra were not the only names Chuck mentioned on his team of ladies. According to Funky’s sources Chuck also mentioned T-Boz and Tamar Braxton. Funky also says although Bravo made the trip look like a one day deal, it was actually three days. OH! And remember how everyone wanted to know where Mynique was during all of this? Well turns out when she allegedly found out about this trip she went down there to check things out. However we sure never seen her. See details on this drama below:

Chile they say on the ride home Chuck started rattling off names like he was reading a flight manifest. Just why didn’t we see this? Well, my first guess is that production nor Chuck wanted any Love & War with Vincent Herbert! OKAY! Say what you want to say about Vince, but Vince has some weight in these streets and is a major power player. However, I’ve been told that traditionally production tends to stray away from name dropping and hearsay if it was not already public knowledge or able to be 3rd party verified.

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When I first started Naybesa.com in 2010, wanted to make it a point that people knew who I was from the start, why? Because I figured if I’m going to be giving my opinion on people you might as well know what I look like and who I am. However not all bloggers are like me in the since. Some of the nastiest blogs are ran by people that you either rarely see, or have never seen. The issue at hand is for some bloggers, being negative and literally trying to bring others down is the only way they can get clicks, which in the end may pay their bills but it also can take a tole on someone else’s life.

As we all know, blogs are pretty good on dragging Ciara from time to time so seeing that she’s finally speaking out about her feelings when it comes to negative comments and bloggers shouldn’t be a shock and to be honest everything she said is true. Check out Ciara’s open letter to negative Bloggers and cyber bullies:

I used to sometimes like visiting some of the blog sites to see what new things are happening in the world! Things like cool photos, current events, etc. But nowadays it seems like there’s a competition with sites on “Who Can Tear Someone Down the Most.” The stories are going from cool and creative to pure drama. Even the comment sections are beginning to get out of control and people are using the platforms to exercise a false sense of power.

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Now if this comes out the way it seems from her XXL interview we might all get a life lesson from this situation Lil Kim may have gotten herself in.

According to web sources Lil Kim could potentially be getting sued for 150K because according to Canadian make-up artist Samantha Ravndah, Lil Kim took an image (seen above) off of her reedit account and used it to promo her new single ‘Dead Gal Walking’ on Instagram, Facebook, websites and more. Details below!

“Canadian artist Samantha Ravndahl lashed out at Kim on social media websites in November for lifting her scary image off Reddit, then using it on the Lil’ Kim website and Instagram accounts to promote her music.

Ultimately, it looks like Kim blew off Samantha, so now the artist has lawyered up and fired off a letter to the rapper demanding Kim pull the image … or else.

The “or else” is suing Kim for $150K minimum.” Read more…