donte peace

A few days ago Donte Peace dropped his newest EP entitled ‘Locals Only.’ Being that I just download the EP I’m not about to give a full review on the music, however I can say after skimming through ‘Locals Only’ my favorites are going to be ‘GxDBxdy,’ ‘Black Northface,’ and ‘Life.’

Check out what Donte Peace had to say about his project below:

What you’ll get with “Locals Only” is QUALITY! I went above and beyond to provide a quality project that I hope you love. With this EP I take you on a journey with “Side A”, which consists of relaxed chill riding music full of creative thoughts and story telling. “Side B” on the other hand is full of songs that will make you nod your head and vibe out often referred to as “Bangers”. I feel that this is my best body of work to date and after you hear the quality of this project my goal is for you to agree. I’d like to thank you all in advance for your time & please do share this online (Facebook, Twitter, IG etc..) with friends, family, colleagues and I’ll be sure to thank you personally with a “s/o” or a personal thank you! – Donte Peace

Download Donte Peace ‘Locals Only’ by clicking the photo up top or by clicking here!

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On July 17, 2014 Audio Push headlined a show in Seattle at Neumos featuring performances by Vince Staples, Skeme, Jay Morrison, Tre Ross, Nyce Lutchiano, ILL Chris and Yo! X

While there, I had the opportunity to interview Oktane and Price of Audio Push. In the interview I was able to find out about their individual music styles, musical influences, their thoughts on Micheal Jackson’s hologram, women who wear too much make-up and so much more.

Check out the interview below, and make sure you watch it all the way to the end for my This or That Tag #BesaStyle!

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I know I’m supper late posting about this performance but better late than never right!

On July 6th at Nectar Lloyd headlined one of the hottest R&B concerts I’ve been to in a while with opening performances by Eddie Grandpre, Latin Rose, Flithy Mcnast, CJB, and Roksta Musik. The show was hosted by Mr 10k himself Neema (who also has a show tonight at Barboza with Krizz Kaliko) and I have to say, I’ve yet to go to a show Neema is hosting that has bad openers.
Although I really only came to the show for Lloyd I was excited to see Latin Rose on the stage when I came in. Latin Rose is one of those singers I’ve personally seen perform multiple times however this was the first time I seen her doing her own set. The girl can surly sing, and I love that it’s clear she’s having fun while on stage. Stay tuned for my interview with Latin Rose! I can’t wait to chat with her ambitions, her name and so much more!

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In case you missed the Rakim event at Neumos last night me and my #BesaCam have you covered!

The event featured performances by Romaro Franceswa, ILL Chris and Gifted Gab. Unfortunately I missed the first two performances, however on my way to the bathroom I was able to catch a little of Romaro Franceswa’s performance which was dope as always. I tell everyone, I love high energy in performances. I figure you’re already up there, and people have paid to be here so you might as well get your Beyonce and Jay-z on and put on a good show. At least that way if people haven’t heard your music they’ll want to hear more from you simply because they love the vibes you gave off while performing.

I also missed Gifted Gab’s performance, however I was able to see her when she hit the stage to perform ‘Breathe’ with I’ll Chris, which was actually a nice little high light of the night for me. Why? Well Gab is at a point where all though there maybe 2 or 3 males on the stage she still holds her own. Read more…


How cute is she?!?!

One of the best things about social media now a days is being able to see celebrities like Beyonce, Ciara, and Kim Kardashian go through their pregnancies. Recently, Kelly Rowland showed off her baby bump while doing yoga and meditating.


Kelly Rowland recently had a secret wedding in Costa Rica where she said “I do” to Witherspoon aka her manager.

Although Kelly Rowland maybe pregnant, she’s been hinting to her fans that she’s back in the studio!


Check out more adorable photos of Kelly Rowland and her baby bump below.
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Who made this delicious tea?

I know I’m not the only one getting a kick out of these Kermit the Frog “but that’s none of my business” memes that have been floating around Instagram and Facebook. I’m not really sure how they started, but the first one I seen was about Mr Blue eyes Jeremy Meeks.


After I seen the photo above I started to see more and more until I simply had to take sometime to google my favorite ones. So far ┬áno one has really said how they’ve gotten started, however we can all admit these “but that’s none of my business” Kermit memes are hilarious!

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