KY Tae is back with this exclusive called “Down” and the ladies going to love it. Every man can relate to this one. The production is mid tempo with a mellow vibe. Reminds me of some ol skool three six mafia for some odd reason. Artist these days act as they cant cater to the ladies. But hey that’s who support your records and come to your shows. The lust story is serious from KY Tae and he put it on a record. She look so good I think i want to lick her. That’s a line from the hook. Check out this banger below.




CHRS Brise is back with more. This time he sticks to the script with his soul sampling record “Need You Here”.. Rather get money with the white folks is one line from this track. CHRS Brise puts it all in his raps. You can always tell from his tone of voice on his records. This record hits the spot. This track may just motivate you to go the extra mild. CHRS Brise is about about spitting his bars and painting a story in your head. Check out the record below. God Damn Life Short!!


It’s been a long road for Stl/Atlanta artist Tommy Swisher. Tonight he drops his debut project Hi,Im Tommy Swisher via AudioMack. This is a well put together project all around. The production goes long ways. Collabs from JerZ, Theo Ferragamo, Rikki Blu, and Nessly. Right now the project is trending on audiomack and doing pretty good numbers. Swish has been working hard. Doing shows, recording, networking, and now the release. Check out the entire project below.

Click Here to listen

Are you really surprised that @Teamblockballin’s 1st round draft pick @ReddyRochLive would return with another banga. that would keep your speakers bumpin , whether you Leanin & Ridin or you T’N up in the club.
And now with the assistance from @TUCKMLB,
Reddy Roch the 1st rounder gives y’all his latest installment “GOONZ ON DECH”.
letting the people know that he is here to carry the torch for his city of Compton.

So give a Listen and Enjoy, then holla at Reddy Roch
and let him know what you think.

IG ReddyRochLIVE
Twitter @ReddyRochLIVE
facebook ReddyRochLIVE
Tuck Twitter @TUCKMLB
Also follow the whole squad on twitter @TeamBlockBallin


Listen here

Bigg Wurm is putting on for the Carolinas in a huge way. Bigg Wurm has the labels calling his phones and doing shows all over. Today he drops off two brand new singles “Carolina Ghetto” and “Another Level”.. These tracks show off who he is. Putting on for his city but showing he elevating. These tracks are some bangers they’ll turn you up at any moment. Bigg Wurm is looking to take it to the top right now.


Wale - The Album About Nothing Album Download
Dwayne Applewhite dropped his banger today on Streetz 94.5, Atlanta’s new hip-hop radio station. The track “Perspectives” really givee you that vibe. Puts you into a deep thought. The production really makes it more like a movie. It paints a picture for you. A lot of music these days don’t do that. Dwayne Applewhite is really on his grind and this track shows progression. His movement Village of Pharaohs are all making moves. Check out the dope melodic track below.

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