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Chinese Ferroalloy Production Down by 2.74% in H1 of 2015

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According to statistic National Bureau of Statistic of China, Chineseferroalloy production in May was 3.4342 million tons in Jun 2015, up by 9.9% M-O-M and up by 2.9% Y-O-Y; Total production in H1 of 2015 was 17.6577 million tons, slightly down by 2.74% Y-O-Y.

In H1 of 2015, the productions in South China such as Hunan and Guizhou decreased down while those in North China such as Inner Mongolia and Ningxia rose up instead.

Mongolia was still the largest ferroalloy producing province in China, with production at 2.9026 million tons, up by 14.85%. Meanwhile, the productions in other areas were 2.1513 million tons in Guangxi, 1.6128 million tons in Guizhou, 1.6182 million tons in Ningxia, 1.2967 million tons in Sichuan, 1.1524 million tons in Hunan, 1.1033 million tons in Qinghai, 0.8829 million tons in Shanxi and 0.8232 million tons in Henan.

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