I haven’t heard the song, nor have I watched the video, however I’ve heard only great things about it!

Check out Mariah Carey and Miguel’s music video for ‘Beautiful’ above!

I can’t remember the last video Iggy Azalea dropped so I’m happy to say she recently traveled to Mumbai, India to shoot her music video for her newest single ‘Bounce’ which will be on her debut album ‘The New Classic’

Check out the and post your thoughts below!

About two weeks ago, I posted new music by Feezable The Germ entitled ‘Al Capone Suite,’ where I also asked Germ his inspiration behind song:

Naybesa: Inspiration behind the song and song title?
My inspiration behind this record was to do a classic, but fun Hip-Hop record, but at the same time I wanted to deliver for the ladies.

Earlier today, Germ dropped the full music video to his new single ‘Al Capone Suite.’ Check out the music video above and post your thoughts below!

Screen Shot 2013-04-29 at 12.48.04 AM

Girl from the ‘I Hit It First’ video NOT Kim Kardashian

TMZ never post music videos but she SURE made sure they posted this one!

A few moments ago, Ray J’s FULL music video for his new single “I hit It First” dropped and I find it funny that he said the song wasn’t about Kim Kardashian but the main girl in the video not only LOOKS just like Kim, but she dresses and even moves like Kim Kardashian. Yes, Ray J did a good job on making sure people pay attention to his up and coming project. However the only issue is people wouldn’t care if it wasn’t about Kim Kardashian.

Check out the music video below and post your thoughts!

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“If obstacles were optional, would you dodge them?” – Mega EvErs

Moments ago, Mega EvErs dropped his music video for his newest single ‘True Talk 2.’ The song talks about Mega’s life experiences here in the NW with his family, friends and haters. When I asked Mega EvErs about the concept for the song and video, he said:

True Talk 2 is my one on one with my fans and fans of music that still upholds integrity. Thats the just of it. The video was shot to portray that as well…It wasnt performed and didn’t have any acting in it. Just me talking to you, the viewer, fan, hater etc…saying True Talk. S/o Terrance Creighton – Mega EvErs

Towards the end of the video you see Mega’s very own mother saying “You are the plan,” but then almost cries at the end. I think for any mother [not that I have kids,] seeing their son not give up on his dream, and take his music career into his own hands, is always going to be a proud moment.

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K Michelle_i just wana

“I just wana f*ck, and not fall in love…..”

I love me some K. Michelle because this women will sang that craziest things and you won’t even care because her voice is so mesmerizing! During the season 2 premiere of Love And Hip Hop Atalanta, K. Michelle was seen recording her new single ‘I Just Wana,’ and we now have a music video for it!


The song is simply about K. Michelle having an attraction to her neighbor and wanting to have sex with him, but with no strings attached. Like K says in the song “I’m over the pain that love can bring, tonight I want sex that doesn’t mean a thing. That don’t make me no slut, a woman has her needs!” YESS MA’AM! GOT THAT RIGHT!

Check out K. Michelle’s music video for her new single I Just Wana below: Read more…