I don’t care if some of you think this is garbage or trashy, the song is trashy, why did you expect? Teddy bears? No that’s for Miley!

After a whole year, Rihanna dropped an amazing video for her song “Pour It Up” where she grabbed multiple amazing strippers and had them do their best moves on the poll and water, because like Rihanna said “My b**ches Twerk on water” and they did!


Check out the behind the scenes and music video below: Read more…

Ravaughn_ best_friend1

Ravaughn_ best_friend2

“I’m not your fuckin best friend
I’ve been sittin’ on this bench too long
While you’re playing with these
Basic fake chicks
And come complaining when it all goes wrong”

*sighs* I feel this is always the worst situation to be in. Whether you’re male or female, you’ve had a “best friend” that just wasn’t necessarily feeling you to same way you were them. When it comes down to it we all [at least smart people] want to date someone that’s not just their “mate” but a best friend. You have to be with this person for the rest of your life, so you better be as close as possible. Read more…


About damn time!

I swear it’s been a good 2 months since the preview of Wale’s ‘Clappers’ music video preview aired. I really need these artist to be more on top of that type of stuff.

Anywhos, check out Wale featuring Nicki Minaj and Juicy J ‘Clappers’ music video below!
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Recently Swisher Sleep dropped the music video for his single ‘Checkah.’ I remember the first time I seen Swisher Sleep perform he performed this song and I stopped dead in my tracked to hear the rest, so it’s only fair for me to have been happy when I found out he made a video for the song.

Now although I do like the video, I have to agree with a lot of the online comments when people say the video would have been better if it was October, do to the Halloween feel you get. But other than that the song is great and Swisher Sleep and his crew clearly had a great time filming the video.

Get more news on Swisher Sleep by visiting SwisherSleep.net.


Let me start by saying when this video was over I literally smiled, because I felt like doing this song and even finishing this video was something that took a whole lot of weight off her shoulders. The crazy thing about “celebrities,” is that even though it may appear that all of their business is out in the public, in reality it’s really not.


In the video, we see a women being beaten by her lover, Kelly Rowland crying as she reminisces on the things she’s gone through, along with Kelly looking at herself in the mirror, as if to say it’s time to face my own reality and move on.

Check out Kelly Rowland music video for ‘Dirty Laundry,’ below! Read more…


Until the 2013 BET Awards I never even gave this song a chance, but after Ciara ripped the BET stage to shreds, I was most def anticipating the music video.

Check out the full music video for Ciara featuring Nicki Minaj, I’m Out below! Read more…

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