Laz new video for the track “Torn” tells a deep story. Just not the song but the video actually paints a picture for you. Everyone in their life have torn situations. Laz raps the story of a young female and her father. This video is great for several reasons. Laz breaks down his life in the first verse. Long nights, those flights, business meetings. Its not easy being a artist if your grinding. The storyline of “Torn” and subject matter brings it to life. Videos these days don’t have a beginning and end. Laz in the video gives you the image of being alone. Its show Laz rapping in the woods alone with this female seeming in deep thoughts. The story tells how a father is now trying to be in his daughter life. But I wish things were just that easy. Now days you can’t fix relations with a quick fix. The video show the father out with his family trying to catch up on times. But the kids don’t seem that happy. Again this is a great example of a “Torn” situation. Laz is really just telling a story and the video goes with it. Exactly job and great penmen ship on the lyrics. Laz really shows he’s the truth. His project ” A Person Of Interest” is a must listen. This video really represents Laz and his project. Real hip hop is back. Check out the video below…

Laz – Torn (Prod. Drumzz Beats) Dir: Orlando Lucas

The XIII new video shows how they video “Get Lost” deserves attention. Exclusively on The XIII brings a swagged up track with a dope visual. Seem like they hit up everybody they knew and said we shooting a video. Your lost get lost is their motto. These group brings something different to the game. You can almost look at them as a new rae sremmurd or Travis Porter. Either way it goes the sky is the limit for this trio. Click full of royals we taking the crown.

Dante Jets$ is set to have one great summer. His newest video “Scotty” (Beam Me Up) is something to vibe with. Maybe even smoke to and ride to. The beat just takes you out of space. The visual really paints a picture for his movement even more. The hook is catchy and makes you want to sing along. His melody on the track makes you see his vision. Check out the video below.


Atlanta artist Bankroll Fresh is back with “ESPN” this is a hit. Bankroll Fresh is putting on for the trap like no other. Last of a dying breed if you ask me. His label Street Money Worldwide has the Atlanta on lock. Right now I havent felt this type of street vibe since BMF in Atlanta. Stay tuned for more from Street Money Worldwide and Bankroll Fresh.


Fresh off of SXSW, Native P teams up with Frankie Benjaminzz and releases a new visual
for their track, “Trap De Babylon”.


This track and video is so real. Filthy Rich “Only My Plug” is something serious. The beat is straight trap and Filthy Rich brings that Filthy flow. His deep dark raspy voice will catch your ear. One thing I know is the first verse is talking expensive. I thought god was the only one that could judge. But when your living that trap life and with money on your mind. Only My Plug can judge me makes sense.

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