Remy Ma has been sitting down with Blogs and shows like 106 & Part doing interviews since she’s been released from jail. One thing I’ve noticed in all of the interviews is Remy Ma not only wants to say out of the drama, but she’s a lot like me. She doesn’t see the difference between Female Rap and Male Rap, she doesn’t feel there is a such thing as a healthy beef, however if you have beef she says put out music, “I don’t want to hear all the arguing and nasty words,” which is what I’ve been saying for the longest.

I find it funny that people have been asking Remy Ma about the Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj beef as if she’s going to be the one to stop it, at the end of the day Remy Ma’s main thing is why beef when we all can make great music together. I seen one interview she did where she said something about when you’re a female in the rap game they tell you who to go at. I mean if you’re wack then ya, go at the highest and try to bring them down, but if you have talent there’s no reason for bashing when you can simply work together and make greatness. But then again people have to put their pride aside to do that.

Check out this recent interview Remy Ma did with Bossip!

Have you learned anything from Remy Ma?

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14 Responses to What The Rap Game Can Learn From Remy Ma

  1. Remy’s return was anticipated…

  2. I love my some Remy…but I stan for Kim lol

  3. They can learn That the HipHop Police exists and they watching all of ya’ll


  5. 100% agree go girl someone has grown up

  6. Remy is the ruler is back!!

  7. anyone know when the album drops?

  8. Shout Out to Naybesa!! One of the dopest websites online!

  9. hey Naybesa when is the next video blog?

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