She looks like Itty Bitty Piggy Nicki here and I LOVE IT!


At the crack of dawn Nicki Minaj dropped her much waited for video ‘Anaconda’ on Vevo which features a cameo from Drake. Check out the video and my thoughts below!

How can you review a video like this? As I sat here looking at all of the a** on my computer screen I started to wonder what Nicki Minaj does for her body. We already have our speculations about her booty but her legs look good and are arms are supper little with no noticeable muscles.


Maybe she does wraps, or simply a lot of cardio squats and health pills to keep it tight. Who knows, but I do know this was a quality video.  It’s very easy to have a music video about a** and have the video come out tacky. Now I won’t say I’ll watch the video over and over again (although I’m sure men will,) but if it comes on the TV I won’t change the channel.

What did you think of the video?

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23 Responses to New Video: Nicki Minaj – Anaconda

  1. The song is still stupid. No one can convince me otherwise. Be more creative Nicki. Im falling asleep.

  2. This song is already killing the charts , video is just the icing on the cake

  3. i wouldn’t think too many females would like this video- watched it with the wife..

  4. Nicki setting the bar hight for new female rappers

  5. She don’t give a fuck lil girls look up to her. Our future is fucked, the ladies disrespect themselves but let me guess she wants to be respected as a lady but put out a freak hoe video.

    • why little girls are listening to nicki is beyond me LOL nicki is grown, so even if she does videos like this, they’re clearly not meant for the children. As for the respect factor, this is simply entertainment, so yes I’m sure she still expects her respect.

    • It’s for adults, the parents don’t have to let the kids watch or listen , thus the parental advisory sticker on the cover

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  7. who know when he new album drops?

  8. when nicki album drops?

  9. Heard it’s the highest rated video on vimeo.

  10. Wow, feels good to comment through WordPress. About to get real creative with this tool…lol Off Subject but I was sleep a longtime to W.P. and its on now:)

  11. Nicki keeps implicating her rear end. She don’t have to do this anymore if she don’t want to, she just feel competition and rightfully so when you’re at the top.

  12. However as a straight man, All that ass gave me a Fred G Sanford seizure……LMAO hahahahah

    Thanks for posting NayNay

  13. guess sex sells… still!

  14. Nicki nick

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