The season’s FINALLY  over! The funny thing about us all jumping up and down about this season being over is with Love and Hop Hip Hollywood is coming out in September, 9 out of 10 we’ll all be missing the drama of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta.

Let’s do a quick review of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta season 3 finale:

We found out Waka can’t have kids on his own because his sperm count it too low. According to the doctor it could have to do with the fact that he was shot a few years ago, however Tammy thinks it’s because he smokes too much. I’m just happy he went, if they never went, how would they know? I feel people need to stop being so scared to go get checked. I understand “outta sight outta mind,” however somethings need to be taken care of sooner than later.


Mimi hits up Nikko’s studio after talking with Jonny, let Mimi tell it “I had to get some stuff off my chest.” Once she get’s there Nikko is in the studio singing about a shower rod on a pre recorded song, as if we wouldn’t notice.

The moment they sit down, Nikko starts telling Mimi he’s getting a divorce and it will be finalized in a few months. My thing is if this is true, why wouldn’t you have done that a long time ago? Why now? How is it that he didn’t think his marriage would be an issue before Mimi found out online? Oh I know, because his wife isn’t going anywhere.


Mimi like the rest of public does not believe Nikko when he says he’s getting a divorce, which she shouldn’t. However, how is she going to get mad now and be like “I ain’t no dumb B**ch,” yet when everyone warned you about his fame thirsty behind you didn’t want to listen. So I’m not sure how even Nikko can even take that comment seriously.

Sad thing for Mimi is being that she’s in contract for the sex tape she still has to work with Nikko. So no matter what, he played her, and he’s still going to get paid by her.


I need for Benzino to stop rushing into marriage with these women before he messes around and gets locked down to a crazy chick that doesn’t show her true colors until after they sign on the dotted line. However in this case Ms Thi Thi has some sense. While the happy couple looked at wedding innovations for a wedding that was two weeks away, Thi Thi decided she wanted to wait a month so her special day wasn’t rushed.

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 10.42.37 AM

Now in the messy segment of the show, Benzino takes his grown man butt to Rasheeda’s party and decided to have a full blown conversation with two other grown men about who slept with Joseline, why? Because Thi Thi has been telling Benzino all about the cyber beef she has with Joseline and then Benzino decided to go back at Joseline about it. While “blasting” Joseline, Benzino mentioned a few names of people she’s allegedly slept with and one of them approached her. Dude tells Benziono he hasn’t slept with her but he knows someone who did. They all go outside and chat about how Joseline slept with the driver, and Benizno decides he wouldn’t be a good friend if he didn’t tell Stevie.


Benzino knows good and well he only told Stevie because he wanted to embarrass Joseline. At the end of the day they’re both sleeping around so I don’t even know why it’s that big of a deal.

When Benzino finally tells Stevie what he heard, Stevie tells him he has to take it back to Joseline and talk to her about it. My thing is those two men who gave Benzino that information were too excited to tell Benzino that gossip, let alone to tell him on camera which makes it to where I’m not too sure how true the rumor is, but then again you never know what goes on when these cameras are off.

Screen Shot 2014-08-19 at 10.37.46 AM

Stevie is finally ready to tell Joseline he slept with Thi Thi, however before he could even tell her that Joseline lets Stevie know she’s been notified of the rumors about her going around and all issues come from Benzino. My thing is this, when they got together Stevie and Mimi were still in a relationship, so being that Joseline “took” Stevie from Mimi their relationship was doomed from the start with bad karma.

Now fast forward to their current issues, Joseline claims when Stevie gets mad he takes her computers, purses, and other belongings. Personally I don’t feel bad for her, you knew what you were getting into when you married this man. She watched season one and season two, yet she still stays with him even with all of the mess he does. So you continue to deal with getting treated like a child.


First of all, I know good and well I’m not the only one who noticed his lips matches hers…. I’ll let you all speculate what happened from here. Go on…. I know what want to go re-watch the scene…

Mimi meets with Stevie to tell him Nikko was married the whole time. Yet for some reason Mimi wants to call Joseline out once Stevie says Nikko was a scumbag. I don’t understand how Mimi can’t just admit Nikko was an opportunist, but maybe she knows something we don’t. Think of it this way, in the first season we seen Nikko Mimi said she’s known him for years. Now if you’ve known someone for years I don’t know how you could miss that fact that they’ve been married for a good 7 years. How is it that you’ve never seen his wife? Something doesn’t add up here and we all know Mona Scott is good for creating her own story lines for these reality stars.

Once Mimi calms down a bit Stevie tells her he’s sorry for how he’s treated her and Nikko never loved her the way he did. MAN, why was that all she needed to hear to melt right at the table.

The only reason I do at times feel bad for Mimi is because it doesn’t take much to realize she dates all these men who shower her with attention (whether it does or doesn’t end out bad,) is because she’s looking for the love she never got from her mother. It’s also the reason she will take a man’s word over any of her “friends.” I found it interesting that after all Ariane does for Mimi, she still says she feels alone and has no one to talk to. Well, if you stop dismissing your friends when they’re just trying to help you from getting hurt then maybe you won’t be alone.


Life lessons this show has taught us…..

*Just because you’ve known someone for years doesn’t mean they won’t hurt you or they they don’t have secrets you don’t know about

*If you take a man from someone else that already shows you don’t have morals so don’t be shocked when you get treated like a hood rat

*Just because you used to be a stripper doesn’t mean you can perform a song on stage

*Checking your mans text messages after a drunken night may bring on things that you didn’t want to find out, but at least you won’t find out about the chick at a club

*If you say you’re out of town and you “miss your plane” don’t show up with the next chick, you will get caught

*Autotune only works if you have talent

*If your man says he got the bill but ask you to pay for it, it’s time for a new man

*If your married and you’re bringing others into your relationship, don’t be shocked when stuff gets messy

There are so many things we learned from Love And Hip Hop Atlanta, my list can go on and on, but my main lesson is be smarter, keep your eyes open, and don’t let yourself get played like Mimi did. Just because you’re “grown” doesn’t mean doing a sex tape is a good idea when you know people will get paid if its leaked.

Post your thoughts on Season 3 of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta below!

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  1. HA!!! I feel the same way. Like girl BOO. You knew.

  2. Mini has always been a smut, she was stevie j’s side chick when he dated eve


  4. LMAO- Stevie know he can have some serious looks on his face..

  5. Ghetto at it’s best

  6. Damn.. great run down! lol

  7. Wow…these guys are too much….

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