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On Friday I hit the Soulja Boy concert here in Seattle at the Crocodile. The show featured performances by Donte Peace, Tony Mason, Spac3man, ILL Chris, and Heatwave. Thanks to the DJ Swervewon the show started hype and ended hype. Now that’s not to say the people in the crowd weren’t a little loaded, however being that I was sober and still enjoyed the music that says a lot.

While there I did chatted with Canadian rapper Tony Mason whose done shows with Juicy J, Kid Ink and now Soulja Boy. Stay tuned for my “Catch Up With Besa: Tony Mason” video and post.

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I moved around a lot at the concert so I didn’t see every single performance and when I did stand still only seen parts of it. However one performance that comes to mine would be the one of Spac3man. Not only did he rock the crowd and climb the wall of the Crocodile; but he kicked one of his fans in the face and after gave her a hug and kissed her on the cheek.


How cute was is that!

Now I will concur with everyone else when I say be more careful, one Miguel moment is good enough. Spac3man also previewed a new song with Sye Hollywood called ‘She Do It (For The Squad.)’

Check out highlights from Spac3man’s set below:

Now when it comes to Soulja Boy and his performance skills in the moment I had a good time. Everyone was happy, people were dancing and cranking that Soulja Boy all over the room. However I have to be honest, the crowd made him look good. In the morning when I looked back at my footage my first thought was, now I know he didn’t think that was the best he could do. I mean, maybe he smoked too much before the show because from what I’m hearing someone brought him a 16 gram joint. But I truly feel if you can’t perform to the best of your ability while high or under any influence, you should stay sober for your set. Once you’re done and you’ve given the people what they paid for, you can pass out backstage for all I care, but the way he tried to do his own dance moves made me sad, you would think the man has gotten old and I know he still has so much left in him.

Check out highlights from Soulja Boy’s set below:

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11 Responses to Besa Review & Video: Soulja Boy Performs In Seattle With Spac3man, Donte Peace, Tony Mason and More

  1. Futuristic Blogger

    Say what you want about Souljah, he still getting to the money!

  2. Wow…still performing he is a smart marketing genius he started the Youtube rags to riches era…!! Fake it until you make it… – UnsungHipHop

  3. Speaking of Souljah Boy, he better be ready to throw them thangs against Gillie Da Kid if he decides to sign that Million dollar contract….LMAO

  4. However , great write up as always Naybesa. thank you for posting

  5. Atleast Souljah boy last longer than Trinidad James…lol – UnsungHipHop

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