These aren’t my favorite photos of Kim Kardashian, however I do actually like the one with her wearing the grill.

Some months ago now, Kanye West performed at Revel wearing his  diamond Maison Martin Margiela mask which had everyone wonder, why in the world would he wear that? In true Kim Kardashian fashion, while pregnant Kim was shot by Karl Lagerfeld and styled by Ricardo Tisci in the very same mask, and even gave us a little grill action.


I’m not sure why, or when grills on women became so popular, because even Katy Perry wore a chunky tacky one at the VMA’s this year, however I would like to remind everyone that just like, piercings, lip stick colors, and black/white stripped pants, it doesn’t look good on everyone. Yes Kim wearing this grill in the photos looks fine, but I don’t know how I would feel seeing her walking down the street with it on.


This photos creeps me out…. See more photos below!

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