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Over the last week or so, I’ve seen people tweeting, and blogging different allegations about Foxy Brown and Jay-z, the main one that stuck out to me was Foxy Brown saying Jay-Z took her virginity at age 15 while he was 27.

According to TMZ who recently talked with Foxy Brown, all of these rumors are false, and are making her sick to her stomach:

“The atrociousness of this story sickened me to my stomach. Any and everyone involved will be contacted by my attorney.”

Foxy says, “In all my years in the music industry, these are the most disgusting and disrespectful allegations I’ve ever experienced. This fictitious story … with NO audio, visual or written interview, clearly was concocted with malicious intent.”

“Jay has only been wonderful to me and my family, a great friend throughout all the years I’ve known him and we had nothing but great success as a team.”

She continues, “Beyonce, his wife, has always been gracious and sweet to me … I will NOT let any undercover hater create discord and disrespect my name and reputation.”

“This disrespect will NOT be tolerated.”

I keep saying, people will get enough of being messy. Even if this is true, I will never understand how someone can put something like the out to the public without realizing that if this is indeed true, these two have lives and who knows what something like that coming out to the public could do to their families. However in this case it’s being said to be false, so if you get sued for spreading rumors I don’t know what to tell you.

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  1. Crunkatlanta - Music Promoter

    anybody will say they didnt say it with a 12 gauge in their mouth

  2. I love foxy

  3. @Crunk lmaoo :-D worddd great post fam this sht is gettin messy #Chilly

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