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It’s truly been so long since I did a video I don’t even want to talk about it to be honest. With that being said, above is my video review for Season 2 of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta episode 1. Personally I thought this one little episode b*tch slapped the piss out of the whole Love and Hip Hop New York Season 3, but that’s just me. It’s something about how the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta crew is a little more “real” about their reality tv or maybe they’re just more interesting; what ever it is, I’m back in love with reality TV thanks to Love and Hip Hop Atlanta being back on TV.


I will say this though, Joseline looks VERY pretty in her confessionals, I will never understand why she can’t get it right while recording the season, however if there’s one thing Joseline can get right, it’s how to piss Mimi off and HONEY I LIVED!!!!!!! Mimi still thinks she’s the boss, however unless she’s off that Rick Ross “boss” I don’t see it. I feel Mimi puts on a tough act when she’s upset or pushed in a corner. My thing is this, you know you’re on TV so don’t get mad at the Love and Hip Hop Atlanta viewers when you’re the one looking silly on TV. Mimi has so much upper hand to Joseline and  she clearly doesn’t even know what to do with it; and that’s clear the way Stevie J still speaks to her. Actually he treats her the same way he does Joseline, however he’s a little nicer because she has his child.

tacky drinking

As for Shay Buckey Johnson, I’m going to need her to buck up and get over Scrappy. So sad such a pretty girl wants a man who doesn’t even want her. Ladies you have to be smart, men know when you will do anything for them and they’ll use that to their advantage. It’s up to you to be smart and say know.

*SMH* Like I say in the video, this whole season is clearly going to be based on people getting caught up in their feelings, feelings that wouldn’t have been there had they used their brain and not their hearts to make decisions.

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  1. Nice job on the review!! – SFDotNet

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  3. I love the show, my only problem is that there is no growth with the characters at all

  4. Big drama gets big ratings – UnsungHipHop


  6. Thanks for keeping me updated – UnsungHipHop

  7. Mimi is a lost soul. Im only here for K

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