When I found out Miguel not only did a music video for his single ‘How Many Drinks,’ but he also put Kendrick Lamar in the remix/video, I could have fallen out of heaven to see the video and hear the song. My issue is, my excitement may have been my downfall seeing that the video is nothing spectacular.

Don’t get me wrong, Miguel and Kendrick are both doing their thang in the video, and yes the video is of good quality and yes, we all know Miguel likes to do things that aren’t typical however…. I think I can speak for a few others when I say it’s annoying when the music video doesn’t really go with the song. In my personal opinion, rather than taking the easy route and having a ‘Suite & Tie’ style music video, why not have a sexy girl [I wouldn’t mind him using the lady of his life Naz again] all in the video that you’re trying to get at? Where’s the bar? Where’s the club? Unless he’s spotted someone on stage in that empty room, this video was almost like a filler to make his fans happy.

Whatever the case maybe for the music video, it can never tarnish my love for the song.

What do you think of the music video? Do you like it? Post your thoughts below!

6 Responses to New Video: Miguel ft Kendrick Lamar – ‘How Many Drink’ REMIX

  1. Kendrick is the man…!!! – UnsungHipHop

  2. Great post Nay Besa
    S/O Kendrick & Miguel

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