Yesterday while having a lovely dinner when my cousin, I log onto Instagram and I’m seeing post from all kinds of people saying Lil Wayne is on his death-bed. Now normally I would always second guess this type of news, however I seen it on 4 blogs and guess who they all sourced, none other than TMZ. So of course I quickly became worried and did a quick repost. Well it didn’t take long for people to tell me this was a lie, or as my girl @CaseyCarter put it “bull sh*t news!”

About 18 hours ago Lil Wayne tweeted:

And before Lil Wayne even tweeted that I found this tweet from Mack Maine:



So this is my thing…. What’s going on with TMZ and their sources lately? I swear this isn’t the first awful “source” they had this 2013. I can’t remember the blog post, but just a month ago I said shame on TMZ for posting something before they fact checked it. I feel with TMZ being so “in the know,” to the public, they need to really make sure what they post is true. At this very moment, I’m STILL seeing people talking about Lil Wayne being on his death-bed, while they source TMZ in the tweet or blog post. It’s truly a mess if you ask me. The way TMZ is going, they’re going to have as much credibility as Media Take Out by next summer.

*Updated to added*

Lil Waynes publicist released this statement to Ny Daily News a few moments ago:

“He is not in critical condition. He is recovering and doing well now. He appreciates everyone’s concern. But he is okay,” Kia Selby, a publicist at Cash Money Records, said.

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  2. WorldStar Promo

    thats good

  3. This is crazy. I wanna know the truth. – SFDotNet

  4. Wayne needs to slow down…- UnsungHipHop

  5. thats good

  6. Great DEAL

  7. Crunkatlanta-Promotewho

    get well lil Ni**A

  8. That’s what drinking sizrup does to you smh

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