You know, I’m starting to wonder if this cast is currently filming because you have K.Michelle not getting on stage because she allegedly thinks she’s a bigger star than Lyfe, and now we have Lil Scrappy. Turns out Scrappy was arrested yesterday but until now it wasn’t known why. According to a source of StraightFromTheA.com, Scrappy violated his probation for leaving the state of Georgia and hasn’t been reporting to his probation officer.

The source is also saying, Scrappy doesn’t have a bond right now so it’s unknown if he will be able to film in time for season 2 of Love and Hip Hop Atlanta:

Hey ATLien, Scrappy is presently in Dekalb County jail. He was with his fake fiance ERica when the cops surrounded the car, her new mercedes benz and make the both of them get out of the car. She immediately called her mom, who since the final airing of the show has become a motivational speaker, but the cops made her hang the phone up. Mama Dee and Erica is on a binge to get him out.

I am told that since doing the show, he did not get any permission to leave the state of Georgia and his probation officer informed him that she had a problem with that. So he stopped reporting. So I guess it is safe to say that it is for leaving the state of Georgia without permission from his probation officer. As far as why they were stopped, I am told that she said (Erica) that she did nothing to violate the law to merit them stopping her, so her speculation is that they were following her. to be led to Scrappy.

He [Scrappy] is still in jail. Mama Dee and Erica went today to talk to the PO in hope that she would allow him to get out. He has no bond, as there is no bond for violation of probation and he has 14 months left on it. Hopefully, he will be out to tape for the show, but I am told that Mona knows that he is there, Erica informed her.

I really do hope they get him out now that we know Soulja Boy and Diamond are joining season two, along with Mama Dee and Shay. I have to say season 2 just might be better than season 1, especially if Stevie J is still messing around with both Mimi and Joesline.

Spotted at Straight From The A

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