“can time change be the only thing to blame”

Over the last few years I have noticed that people are started to be more and more ok with their friends being Bisexual, and long with the fact that more and more women are starting to come out about their personal Bisexualities. But the question that I have is what has changed people minds from it being something as horrible to a point where you can end a friendship to a point to people are saying “Hey do what you do”.

I think it has something to do with the time that we are in. After a while certain things get old and it because it gets to a point of who cares. For example a few years ago if people found out that you was a girl and you sucked dick you was a hoe and no one would even think about drinking after you however now girls are on the phone with their friends giving them tips on what to and what not to do. When it comes to guys it’ used to be just plain nasty to eat girls out now people are saying its 2009 if you don’t do that you need to step your game up. But can time change be the only thing to blame?

Personally I blame music, for example you didn’t used have songs like Lil WaynePussy Monster” [which thanks to YouTube can be heard HERE] songs like “I Eat The Pussy” by Geek Squad [which ones again thanks to YouTube can be heard HERE] and last but not least songs like “69” by T-Pain [that can be heard HERE] stuff like that, yes it is good songs but at the same time because they are good songs after a while people are going to really listen to them and try out what is being said in the songs. I mean don’t get me wrong back in the day yes they had some freaky songs but they wasn’t as blunt as they are now a days you had to listen really hard to what they was saying before you realized that they was giving you sex tips.

But back to the subject at hand when did it become okay for women to be bisexual. Well once again I blame music, hell go grab you some Nicki Minaj and see how feel about that. I think it also has to do with women starting to love the female body [which is a beautiful thing I might add] if you don’t love to female body I bet that if you ask a male what they like about it and they really tell you what they love about it sooner or later you might become Bisexual too LOL.

But on some real shit its just a matter of time changing and the fact that its 2009. 2009 seems to be the year that everyone is letting it be known, so what does that mean it means that bitches have been Bi for a lloonngggg time but just haven’t found the right time to come out and say it. So in a way its almost has always been okay for a girl to be Bi you just have to know the right people.

I asked a couple of people what they thought of girls that was bi and why they thought the girls were bi and here’s what they had to say:

“Maybe cuz they’re curious 2 see what a female can do, or maybe their nigga ain’t hittin it right lol”

“I think girls where always bi, just some are willing to actually put it into action instead of just thinking about it”

“Some women are continuously getting hurt by men so they feel women are the only ones who understand what they need, but they still love the dick so they are not fully lesbian”

“Bi girls are the shit I’m still waiting to do a 3 sum myself”

“Cuz some of the shit dudes doing now days, make the females turn to other females , in they coming out with it more now, cause well why not everybody else is, so they don’t care anymore”

“I think they need to pick a damn side”

“they aight 2 me, they like what they like…Most girls now dayz r bi”

“Hmm I think that they are greedy and selfish because they taking from both sides”

“I think they just don’t know what they want and are hella confused” 



7 Responses to When Did Being Bisexual Become Cool?

  1. it never was cool… it is not human nature and we werent created to be that way.. besides its the cause of many diseases and doesnt add to the population so its pointless

    • i dont think that it really caused many of the diseases and yes it doesnt populate however thats why they adopt and when ur bi you go both ways so in a way it does still add to the population

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  4. Bisexual started becoming the “cool” thing when girls realized that saying they were bi and making out with girls got them more attention.
    I think that most girls are just curious about being with another girl.
    With me, I realized I was into girls in 4th grade. I didn’t get into guys until I was older.
    I never flaunted the fact that I liked girls because I never wanted to be labeled as one of the many girls who are bi for the attention.

    • OMG thats so true, after girls started seeing that guys like that kind of stuff thats when they really started coming out [i blame music videos] cause personally i been this way for a lllooonnnggggg time i just dont talk about it all the time.

  5. Ok… Its human nature to be curious about many things. As a guy I am not supposed to say this but there are many psychotic controlling guys out there, so these as have been stated are potential reasons. Homo sexuality among men through sodomy has a higher potential to spread std’s however bisexual female with female encounters are no more likely to spread std’s then heterosexual relationships.

    Another aspect that I most agree withis women in general like attention from the opposite sex as do men. Women have found a way to gain lots of attention from men through acts like kissing each other in the pressence of men. Lets face it if smokin’ hot chicks would get very “turned on by guys kising” im sure more guys would come out as bi too.

    This brings me to my final point for some reason I have seen an increase in bi guys out there. I’m not sure why. Maybe because less people care in this day and age.

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