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New BesaRadio approved music!

Donte Peace dropped a new song called “Our Girlfriend” and let me start by saying not only did I put this song on repeat, but I had the chorus stuck in my head for a good minute. At the end of the first verse Donte Peace said

“That’s the only thing that I be f*cken slow, I control yo girl like I’m her f*cken coach. I love her f*cken throat. I’m in love with your girlfriend, I’m in love with your girlfriend.”

I laughed so hard during this song. Not only is the beat dope for smoke sessions but he’s talking so much mess during the song you can’t help but laugh and replay it to hear what else he said that you may have missed.

Check out the song below! Read more…


I haven’t done a post like this in forever! But I have some updates for you all.

Let’s just get to it because I know what you’re wondering, “Where are the post Besa?” Well the post are everywhere but on this website LOL. Now what do I mean by that, I haven’t been doing celebrity blog post simply because I’ve been extremely busy and to be honest, yes a tone of things have been happening but I haven’t felt the need to come over here and write about it.

Now what I will say is, if you’re friends with me on Facebook or on any of my social medias then you know I started another Youtube channel with a friend called “Justified Juice TV” where I actually talk about all of the hottest gossip news that I would normally post on here.

The other thing is I personally want a new layout and to do some “SEO” on this website before I really get back into blogging like I used to.

Until I get the way I want it I’ll continue to blog but defiantly not as much as I used too. I wish I could say a few times a day or even a few times a week, however the issue is it really all depends on what I have going on outside of this computer. Seeing that I don’t know when I will and won’t post it’s best for you to follow me on Twitter @JanayNaybesa add me on Instagram @Naybesa or even like the Facebook page.

I’ll still post artist music submissions however I really have to like the music for me to post it, let along give a real review on it.

Also, I’ll make sure to actually post my Youtube videos over here and do a write-up with them seeing that I know some would rather read what I have to say than watch a 20-40 minute video.

Any whoots!

Till our next chat make sure you head over to to keep up with my weight loss journey!



We uploaded this video on Sunday and will be recording again next Sunday. Until then check out what the #JuiceGirls are talking about this week!


I’m sure you all know I’m the first to bump anything and everything Sevyn Streeter, so seeing her let go during this lap dance routine made me feel like a proud mama!

During her live show in New York City, Sevyn Streeter brought out her rumored to be “boo thang” Mack Wilds, tied him up to a chair and danced a sexy dance to her song “Sex On The Ceiling” which just happens to be my favorite song on her “Call Me Crazy” album.


I’m so here for Sevyn showing off her sexy side. I think people see the sweet face but forget all women have a sexy side. It’s just a matter of turning it on and off. Read more…


I’ve been waiting too long for this album to drop, so long I’m just now getting a moment to download Gifted Gab’s ‘Girl Rap’ and I haven’t end listened to it yet. I figured I’ll post it now and post my Besa Radio favs in a few days once I feel I have a good understanding of the album.

With that being said, listen and download Gifted Gab’s ‘Girl Rap’ below, and stay tuned for my review of the album!

MilaJ_Smoke_Drink_BreakUp_Naybesa_2 MilaJ_Smoke_Drink_BreakUp_Naybesa_1

Ever since I first heard Mila J’s song ‘Smoke, Drink, Break-Up’ I’ve been hooked to this song! I would say I don’t know what it is about the song that makes me like it but to be honest it’s everything. I love her voice, the beat is everything, and that hook “Either we smokin, or we drink in, or we at each other throats,” the first time I heard that break down I was like YEESS HUNNI YEESS!

Check out the music video below and see what all the hype is about! Read more…