itsADOLLA of #48OverEverything who just released his “Witness” album and Niko Is of #ColoursOfTheCulture fresh off of his tour with Immortal Technique and touring with Stalin Kwelinboth Orlando artists link up to put together a smooth Currensy and Wiz Khalifa smoking tune. Was you 4/20 situation something similar ?


SIR B is putting on for his city Las Vegas. Just not in the ordinary but with a boss mind state. The video “So Confuzed” tells a story of a hater. The ones that always show you love are the ones that really hate. But the funny part is SIR B is just being who he is. Pulling up and buying sneakers is just a small part of the life. At the end of the video SIR B slides away with the hater girl. Sometime you gotta watch your woman and your mouth. Check out this dope video. Remember its not the ordinary and Online PR Dodger On Deck have came together to change the game. We decided to make a playlist where music and blogs collide online. Giving indie artist a platform to distribute their music online digitally. We kicked off the series #EarzOnDeck #ATLEDITION. Atlanta is wide open right now. We really don’t know who is next. These artist on this playlist just could be on your television before the year is out. They all are working hard to build a online presence and touch the streets. Do your research on each artist and follow them on twitter. Texas DJ 3rdy Baby is on the mix. So just notice how everything has a nice flow. Much love to 3rdy on that. Artist make sure you rock with 3rdy Baby. Stay tuned for more from

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PrettyMFHandsum is back with his brand new video “Step My Game Up” and what a video. Nice tropical whether and palm trees. You don’t see that to much in a independent artist video. PrettyMFHandsum went all out for this video. The track is produced by Atlanta’s own FKI and Metro Boomin. This has hit wrote all on it. PrettyMFHandsum is focused on taking it to the next level. His energy is turnt up to the max. PrettyMFHandsum doesn’t plan on slowing down no time soon. Check out the video below..

Laz new video for the track “Torn” tells a deep story. Just not the song but the video actually paints a picture for you. Everyone in their life have torn situations. Laz raps the story of a young female and her father. This video is great for several reasons. Laz breaks down his life in the first verse. Long nights, those flights, business meetings. Its not easy being a artist if your grinding. The storyline of “Torn” and subject matter brings it to life. Videos these days don’t have a beginning and end. Laz in the video gives you the image of being alone. Its show Laz rapping in the woods alone with this female seeming in deep thoughts. The story tells how a father is now trying to be in his daughter life. But I wish things were just that easy. Now days you can’t fix relations with a quick fix. The video show the father out with his family trying to catch up on times. But the kids don’t seem that happy. Again this is a great example of a “Torn” situation. Laz is really just telling a story and the video goes with it. Exactly job and great penmen ship on the lyrics. Laz really shows he’s the truth. His project ” A Person Of Interest” is a must listen. This video really represents Laz and his project. Real hip hop is back. Check out the video below…

Laz – Torn (Prod. Drumzz Beats) Dir: Orlando Lucas

White Blake is back this time. But not alone. Putting on for Cleveland, OH he stayed true to it. But now he has moved down south to Florida. Blake is hear to take over with a new start. With backing and his craft being perfected. He drops his new single “Shootaz” featuring NYC’s Uncle Murda and Choo Biggz. These guys bring it back to the raw and uncut days. Spitting nothing but lyrics that mean something. White Blake is ready to head to the top and the sky has no limits. Check out the track below.

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