JoBee really brings soul back to r&b. Thats for sure and his new single “Wanna See U” He is singing into the clouds. Everybody raps now days. Sometimes you need some good ol soul in your life. JoBee brings r&b to The track is something to groove out to with your special one. Nice jazz vibe. Check it out below.


This video starts off with deep thoughts. Something like a movie. The speech ends with still doing business. “Big Business” is one dope visual. Seem like a scene from a mob movie. J-Ay has a unique name but his delivery is mean. He means what he say. Real mobb boss wordplay with the flow. J-Ay is going giving you the truth and nothing more. One thing i will say im glad that this artist came up with a concept for his video. This is what the record labels love to see



This is one groovy track. Im talking grown man college music. Musician, producer, recording artist and song writer from Columbus OH. Greg Owens is putting soul and class to his music. This track “There 4 U” makes me want to grab my special lady. The beat is something that sounds like elevator music. Or maybe when your in the 2 door coupe with your special lady. Greg Owens finds a grown man flow all on the track. J-Von Barginear brings that John Legend vibe to the track. This track goes out to all the classy women out there. Taking care of your business and keeping it professional. I hear Greg Owens is in talks of shooting a music video. I really hope it’s for this track. Check it out below. By the way this guy is a sick producer!


You can purchase this banger on iTunes HERE. “Good Spirits” is everything but a good vibe to groove to. One thing about Mayor he never stops and his grind really shows he is aiming for the top spot.

Listen to a snippet Below



Ahmad Givens, a.k.a. Real of VH1’s  “Real Chance of Love” has lost his battle with Cancer at age 33!

According to TMZ Real’s brother Chance says his condition — worsened after he took a fall in January … he was bedridden ever since.


Apparently Real had issues with his vision and speech Friday night during a family visit which led them to have a feeling he didn’t have too much time left with them. Hours later he passed away. Read more…

Westside Major is all about his subject matter. He dropped his exclusive mixtape “Round 1 (Reloaded)” Believe he is fighting super hard to build his brand. Coming from the westcoast isnt easy. Westside Major fits the lane of Nipsey Hussle and The Game. You still need those spitters. If you want to be motivated and hear some subject matter check out the full project below: Read more…

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